Our HSECQ Management System

We promote and train the basics of safety

Explosives, accessories, and blasting agents are very powerful substances. Some basic safety rules must be applied to assure that the energy contained in these substances stay under control and are only released when intended and properly initiated. In other words: avoid incidents with explosives.

One basic concept is to expose the minimum amount of people, for the minimum time, and to the minimum quantity of explosives.

Another basic concept is assuring that everyone exposed to explosives knows and clearly understands the safe limits and characteristics of energy to safely handle explosives, for example:

  • Friction, Impact, Static and Heat (FISH) limits
  • Chemical compatibility
  • How to correctly respond to emergencies involving explosives

Our Production plants are built, maintained, and operated under world-class standards of process safety management.

We are environmentally responsible

For Enaex, environmental protection is non-negotiable and vital for the sustainable development of society, and therefore we care about reducing our impact on the environment in all of our operations.

We are committed to working towards a zero carbon footprint

Our production plant in France has changed its energy matrix, stopping the use of oil and a drastically reducing the use of coal-based electricity. The plant operates on 75% natural gas and 25% electricity. This is a great example of Enaex’s commitment to the evolution towards a zero carbon footprint.

Enaex is a pioneer in measuring our carbon footprint in the blasting process.

Enaex’s Carbon Footprint annual reports may be accessed here:

Carbon Footprint Annual Reports

We are energy efficient

There are several initiatives among Enaex to move to more efficient energy sources, installations, and equipment. Some examples are:

  • Our corporate building in Chile and head office in Brazil use 100% LED technology.
  • Our Prillex complex self-supplies 45% of their energy, through combined heat and power, using steam.

We reduce, reuse, and properly dispose of waste

We believe that waste management is a good way to manage production efficiency. That is why Enaex has several initiatives to reduce and reuse as many production inputs as possible.

All Enaex operating units comply with the best practices in waste management, considering the entire life cycle of our products.

Dangerous waste and expired products are properly disposed using the best safety practices in the industry.

We have significantly lowered our water usage

In France, Enaex launched a campaign that resulted in a 60% reduction in water consumption for production between 2012 and 2015.

In Brazil, the Quatro Barras plant implemented a water management program that achieved an annual reduction of 1,585,824,83 gallons in water consumption in 2013.

We are committed to supporting the communities in which we operate

Enaex sustains a transparent relationship with the community and conducts initiatives to support the development of local communities. These initiatives include the environment, safety, security, and sponsoring community events that support our neighbors.