Safety & Sustainability


  • ENAEX & ENGIE: On the path to a smooth zero carbon transition in the Chilean Mining Sector.

    ENAEX and ENGIE have recently signed a strategic partnership to carry out a feasibility study of a pilot plant that is expected to be finalized at the end of the year. The project consists in the design, construction and operation of a green ammonia production complex based on renewable hydrogen....

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  • Enaex Corporate Health, Safety, Environment, Community and Quality Policy

    For Enaex, sustainability is a strategic foundation of business management with the goal to remain leaders in high quality ammonium nitrate supply and to maintain excellence in rock fragmentation services for the international mining industries. Our actions are governed by values – our priority is life – always respecting the...

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  • Our NON-NEGOTIABLE value

    We put the safety and integrity of people first That is why we pursue the highest safety standards in our processes and strive to improve them. All activities performed by Enaex are risk assessed. No one should be exposed to hazards without proper assessment. This is a permanent commitment and...

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  • Our HSECQ Management System

    We promote and train the basics of safety Explosives, accessories, and blasting agents are very powerful substances. Some basic safety rules must be applied to assure that the energy contained in these substances stay under control and are only released when intended and properly initiated. In other words: avoid incidents...

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