Hery, Burgundy, France

Hery, Burgundy, France

Davey Bickford, an Enaex subsidiary, has almost two centuries of knowledge and expertise in the manufacture of pyrotechnic initiation products.

The manufacture of detonators, firing systems, and explosive chain priming components has always been our core business. Davey Bickford is a specialist of initiation systems for surface and underground mining, quarrying, construction, and seismic exploration applications. Additional specialty applications served by Davey Bickford include the defense, aeronautics, security, and fireworks industries.

The Davey Bickford plant located in Hery, Burgundy, France has been in operation since 1908. The plant has:

  • over 500 employees,
  • covers approximately 100 acres of land,
  • and contains 180 different workshops and warehouses (approximately 323,000 square feet combined).

The research and development areas on site include:

  • 5 laboratories,
  • 2 testing areas,
  • and 1 technology center.

Annual manufacturing capabilities at Davey Bickford facilities in Hery include:

  • 3.5 million electric detonators,
  • 5 million electronic detonators,
  • 4.4 million non-electric detonators,
  • 2 million fireworks igniters,
  • and 4,000 kilometers of detonating cord