Daveytronic® UG

Daveytronic® UG

Daveytronic® UG Electronic Detonator Blasting System for underground mining operations

A new step forward in mining optimization

The Daveytronic® UG Electronic Detonator Blasting System has been developed from the expertise and field-proven experience of the Daveytronic® line of products, particularly its most-advanced system: the Daveytronic® SP 4th generation. With the expertise of the Enaex implementation and global technical solutions team, the Daveytronic® UG Electronic Detonator Blasting System will change the way you initiate blasts in your underground operations.

The Daveytronic® UG Electronic Detonator Blasting System consists of a set of three rugged units: a hand-held Remote Blaster and Programming Unit work together with a compact Blast Driver to initiate up to 1,500 DaveyTronic® UG electronic detonators in Single Blast Mode. Multiple Blast Drivers can be connected to initiate up to 4,500 DaveyTronic® UG electronic detonators in Synchroblast™ Mode. USB, RS232, and Ethernet smart interfaces facilitate the communication with PC applications and data transfer software such as D2D (blast design software) and Datalogger (data transfer software). Welcome to your future!

The most durable and compatible electronic initiation system for underground mining

The Daveytronic® UG Electronic Detonator Blasting System is fully compatible with all major underground network systems for remote blasting with inherent system flexibility:

  • Leaky feeder.
  • Wifi.
  • Phone line.
  • Fiber Optic.
  • Through electrical wires on the existing central firing lines (SHDSL, RS485…).

Designed for demanding underground operational needs, the Daveytronic® UG detonator is protected against:​

  • Dynamic pressure due to its durable copper shell
  • Electromagnetic pulse due to the design of its internal electronic module.

The blasting equipment is also very rugged for use in tough conditions of potential shocks and high levels of humidity.

Unparalleled Safety 


  • Exclusive double capacitor: one for two-way communication with blasting equipment and one for firing.
  • Exclusive Smartshunt which insulates the fuse head until the firing order is received.


The compatibility and safety of the Daveytronic® UG Electronic Detonator Blasting System, along with Enaex’s engineering expertise, will support you in addressing most underground operational challenges including: 

  • Vibration control and less damage on nearby excavations.
  • Improved blast performance for cleaner and more stable excavations as well as enhanced dilution control.
  • Larger blasts and multiple face blasts with ease of implementation and greater productivity.
  • Lower cost per unit and quicker advance.
  • Better stock management**.

** Compared with non-electric stock