Seismic Electronic Initiation System

The DaveySeis Seismic Electronic Initiation System provides the latest innovation and technology in seismic initiation systems for geophysical surveys and offers optimal performance and protection against accidental or unauthorized initiation.

The DaveySeis System is composed of:

  • A high strength electronic detonator capable of programmed or instantaneous firing times. Its dedicated electronics provide a high level of safety and security compared to seismic electric caps.
  • Universal Source Interface (USI) is a handheld unit designed for testing DaveySeis detonators after loading. When connected to the firing backpack, USI can also be used as the firing interface of a conventional shooter. The user interface consists only of a push button and a Red / Green indicator, making USI extremely easy to use and maintain.
    • Testing: The USI is used during the loading procedure for full testing of each DaveySeis® detonator. The functionality of all electronics will be checked, and the TEST indicator will light within seconds. The USI can be used in both single and multiple shot applications and is designed to protect against accidental or unintended initiation.
    • Shooter Interface: Only after it is connected to an external power source and to a conventional shooter, can the USI activate its separate firing circuits and software, for access to the firing interface. A dedicated POWER/TRIGGER cable makes it possible to connect the USI to all existing conventional shooters. When connected to the shooter terminals, the USI will automatically convert the high voltage pulse into the correct encoded signal to fire the DaveySeis®.