• Blendex®

    Blendex® is a high energy and powerful blasting agent specially designed for open pit mining, quarrying, and construction applications.

    Blendex® is the combination of a high energy emulsion that is used in conjunction with ammonium nitrate prill to provide the best energy profile required for customer specific blasting applications. This high energy product may be augured or pumped, depending on your requirements and need for water resistance.  Various blends are available to meet site specific blasting criteria and rock hardness.

  • Pirex®

    Pirex® is a high-quality bulk blasting agent specifically designed for reactive, high sulfide content ore bodies.

    Pirex® is a high-quality blasting agent that is specially designed for mineral deposits containing high levels of sulfides. Pirex® is a pumpable product that is loaded with specially designed trucks. The main benefit is increased safety through the prevention of premature detonations associated with the reaction between ammonium nitrate and high sulfide content ore bodies.