Parent Company

Enaex S.A., a subsidiary of the Sigdo Koppers Group, has more than 97 years of experience in the explosives market and has become the world’s third largest producer of ammonium nitrate.

Enaex owns the world’s largest ammonium nitrate production complex: Prillex América. The plant has a production capacity of 850,000 tons/year and produced a total of 683,000 tons of ammonium nitrate in 2017.

The company has contracts with a large portfolio of important customers including the region’s main open-pit and underground mines. It provides rock fragmentation and blasting services in Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, and Peru, where it also has a broad network of on-site service plants. These plants provide a variety of services, such as: shot blasting, loading blasting agents, shallow mooring, plugging blastholes, checking blastholes, and magazine management. In Latin America, the company stands out for its steady growth. In Colombia, Enaex Colombia S.A.S. built a high-tech packaged emulsions plant in operation since 2010. In Argentina, Enaex Argentina SRL has a bulk emulsions plant in operation since 2014. In Peru, Enaex acquired an 80% interest in the local company, Chemtrade. Finally, in 2015, Enaex strengthened its presence in Brazil, acquiring 100% of the country’s largest manufacturer and seller of civil explosives, IBQ Industrias Químicas (Britanite).

In June 2015, Enaex S.A. began to expand beyond Latin America, acquiring a 91% stake in Davey Bickford, a world leader in manufacturing electronic detonators and initiation systems. The France-based company has subsidiaries in Australia, Canada, Chile, the United States, Mexico, and Peru.

The company’s credit profile and liquidity position remain sound. In 2017, Feller Rate improved its risk rating for Enaex S.A. from AA- to AA with a stable outlook. Best Chile 2017 also recognized it as an outstanding company based on its concern for employee well-being and financial health.

The community and environment are essential to Enaex’s growth plan. Highlights among the various projects in these areas include the Carbon Credit project under the Kyoto protocol and the United Nations, which seeks to reduce annual CO2 equivalent emissions by nearly 1 million tons, making this the most important initiative of its kind in Chile.

It also earned several accolades and certifications in the areas of sustainability and innovation and was once again chosen for the Dow Jones Sustainability Index Chile (DJSI Chile) developed by Santiago Exchange, S&P Dow Jones Indices and RobecoSAM. Phibrand’s 2017 Mining Suppliers Ranking named Enaex S.A. the Best Domestic Supplier.

Also in 2017, Enaex S.A. launched two new technological developments, RoboMiner® and Mine-iTruck®, teleoperated robotics solutions for mining sites that we developed in conjunction with renowned institutions, like the Stanford Research Institute (SRI), ASI Robots, Terainox, Thecne and SK Godelius.

Enaex S.A. is known for its innovation, sustainability, exceptional quality, safety and passion for service. These values are key to satisfying customer needs and providing on-site solutions.