Meet the Team

  • Andrés Brinck

    Andres has worked in the explosives industry since 2009. He moved from Enaex Chile and played a key role in the acquisitions of Davey Bickford and Britanite. He has been with Enaex USA since 2005 and is currently serving as the CEO of the subsidiary in North American.

  • Gavin Yuill

    Dr. Gavin Yuill has worked in explosives research & blasting optimization since 1998. He has significant experience in blasting in many different applications, and has led teams of engineers and professionals to success in high profile projects around the world. Having joined Eneax in 2014, Gavin currently looks after the Customer Solutions team at Enaex USA, comprising of the sales, technical, field ops & marketing functions.

  • Dan Francelj

    Dan has been involved in the explosives industry for the past 30 years. He has worked throughout North America in Supply Chain, Production, Technical Services and Quality Control for several major explosives manufacturer's. Dan has extensive knowledge in construction, underground and surface mining operations, as well as providing tangible customer solutions.

  • Brandon Pease

    Brandon has 20 years of experience in the explosives industry; ranging from coal, metals, quarries and construction drill and blast to counter-terrorism and bomb testing to warhead testing. He has held various engineering positions in the US and Australia and joined Enaex in April 2018. He is currently the North American manager of the Enaex Mining Technical Solutions (EMTS) team.

  • Bill Reisz

    Bill has worked in the mining/blasting industry since 1977 in a wide variety of drilling, blasting, and management positions. He has been with the company since January of 2004 and currently serves as Accounts Manager, US Eastern Region.

  • João Roorda

    João is a safety and environmental engineer. He has been with the Enaex Group since 2011, formerly in Enaex Britanite in Brazil and more recently in Enaex USA, and currently serves as Health, Safety, Environment, Community and Quality Manager.

  • Jay Schafler

    Jay Schafler recently graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mining Engineering and a Master’s Degree in Explosives Engineering from Missouri University of Science and Technology (formerly University of Missouri Rolla), where he also worked as a Research Technician studying shockwave dynamics through explosive product testing, blast instrumentation, high-speed videography, and post-blast forensics. He is currently an Enaex Mining Technical Solutions (EMTS) engineer.

  • Randy Iverson

    Randy Iverson has worked in the blasting industry since 1987 as a technical expert. He has been with the company since December 2018 and is the Technical Sales Lead for the West Region.

  • Rob Lederer

    Rob has worked in the mining and blasting industry since 1988 in both underground and open-cut operations. His experience covers many global regions in operations to managerial / technical roles. He has worked for The company since September 2016 and serves as Key Account Manager, Technical Solutions West Region.

  • Brennan Laird

    Brennan has many years of drill and blast experience in a variety of positions at both surface and underground operations. His experience lies in blast optimization for both design and execution in both surface and underground operations. He currently serves as the Technical and Field Operations Manager.

  • Billy Obermire

    Bill is a Mining & Blast Supervisor who started his diverse career in 1996. His history includes continuous improvement as an equipment operator, blaster, blast designer and production manager. He is currently the Key Account Manager for Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, Montana, and Idaho.

  • Marc Hassan

    Marc has 20 years of experience in electronic development and project management. He started with Davey-Bickford in 2012 as the Global Technical Support Manager in France, he then moved to the US as a Product Manager. Marc now serves as an Implementation and Key Account Manager.