Meet the Team

  • Gavin Yuill

    Dr. Gavin Yuill has worked in explosives research & blasting optimization since 1998. He has significant experience in blasting in many different applications, and has led teams of engineers and professionals to success in high profile projects around the world. Having joined Eneax in 2014, Gavin currently looks after the Customer Solutions team at Enaex USA, comprising of the sales, technical, field ops & marketing functions.

  • Dan Francelj

    Dan has been involved in the explosives industry for the past 30 years. He has worked throughout North America in Supply Chain, Production, Technical Services and Quality Control for several major explosives manufacturer's. Dan has extensive knowledge in construction, underground and surface mining operations, as well as providing tangible customer solutions.

  • João Roorda

    João is a safety and environmental engineer. He has been with the Enaex Group since 2011, formerly in Enaex Britanite in Brazil and more recently in Enaex USA, and currently serves as Health, Safety, Environment, Community and Quality Manager.

  • Randy Iverson

    Randy Iverson has worked in the blasting industry since 1987 as a technical expert. He has been with the company since December 2018 and is the Technical Sales Lead for the West Region.

  • Rob Lederer

    Rob has worked in the mining and blasting industry since 1988 in both underground and open-cut operations. His experience covers many global regions in operations to managerial / technical roles. He has worked for The company since September 2016 and serves as Key Account Manager, Technical Solutions West Region.

  • Shane Jones

    Shane Jones brings over 25 years of experience as a corporate executive, entrepreneur and board director within mining, explosives, services, engineering, distribution, water treatment, process equipment, manufacturing, motion control, aerospace and metal packaging markets. Mr. Jones holds a B.S. Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines and an M.S. in Management from Colorado State University.

  • Anna Hunt

    Anna has extensive experience in Accounting and Human Resources, built in more than 15 years managing these departments in different industries. She currently serves as Controller and Human Resources Manager.

  • David Millett

    Dave has over 30 year's experience in Explosives industry, including executive leadership, sales, and product management roles. He enjoys working closely with customers to create unique solutions to blasting and business challenges. He has passion for bringing out the best in people and organizations and is talented in Lean Six Sigma. He is the Sales Manager – Rock Mountains.