Innovation Commitment

Enaex S.A. has been working on systematizing the innovation management process in order to make innovation continuous and sustainable over time.

A significant part of these efforts has focused on developing specialized products and services to meet our clients’ specific and significant everyday needs. Innovation focal points were established in order to harness factors affecting competitiveness and their respective solutions as guides on our search for new, positive, high-impact projects.

Enaex has also created an Innovation Synergy Group that brings together representatives from the company’s subsidiaries at global work meetings. One objective of these meetings is to create a road map that provides a thorough understanding of the problems facing customers around the world in order to provide technological solutions and add value.

In 2017, Enaex launched two new developments for open pit and underground mines featuring robotization and teleoperation. These innovations were specially created to optimize profitability for mining customers by facilitating access, while protecting the safety of mine operating personnel.

Furthermore, Enaex has increased its capacity to develop and export innovative products and solutions. The Milodon® mobile manufacturing unit is currently operating in some service operations in Brazil and Peru, while products like Vertex® and Prillex® ULD are being used at Enaex Britanite.
Enaex continues working toward meeting its strategic challenges of becoming a global company able to operate in a multi-national environment. Eneax has the goal of being the mining industry’s most prestigious company by delivering high-value solutions to the world’s most important mining regions.